"The fact of the matter is that we just don't have $100,000 to spend blowing up rockets over our city,"

- St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter


St. Paul Minnesota will be opting out of a staple in 4th of July celebrations this year. Mayor Melvin Carter has decided against spending money on the patriotic display. Fireworks shows cost more than just paying for the piro. Roads need to be closed off, extra police officers need to be in place for crowd control, and of course permits and insurance needs to be covered. The past few years the city of St. Paul held the displays at CHS Field, and this year they were expecting the event to be around $100,000, being that private sponsors were not paying for it this year. RES Specialty Pyrotechnics is the company that has handed the shows in the past, and will be conducting 50 shows in 10 days across the Twin Cities area, so there are plenty of opportunities to see explosions.

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