The city of St. Joseph and Shrpa are teaming up to give non-locals all the reasons to visit Joetown!

If there's one place that best encompasses life in Central Minnesota, St. Joseph may very well be that place. Where "small town warmth" and "big city cool" converge, St. Joseph prides itself as "a cool small town that has a progressive stance on supporting local business, arts, and community." Over the past handful of years Joetown has proven its dedication to local business, arts and community with the addition of businesses like The Local Blend, Bad Habit Brewing, Bruno Press, Milk & Honey Ciders, Bello Cucina and Sliced. St. Joseph Meat Market recently made a list of Favorite Meat Markets around Minnesota. Joetown Rocks -- while canceled for a second year in a row this year due to Covid -- is an annual festival and highlight filled with live music, arts, crafts, food and more. While locals know that St. Joe has it going on, the little community thinks its time the rest of the world knows it, too.

In a recent post on Facebook, Visit Joetown revealed a new partnership with travel blog Shrpa. "Check out our new collaboration with Shrpa to host cool adventure bloggers to write about all the cool things we have to offer here in Joetown!"

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Shrpa, reads its website, "is a platform that helps you find entertainment and share things to do within your community!" A collaboration of local Minnesota and Midwest creators and travel bloggers, they seek to "highlight the things you love about your neighborhood; like day trips, date nights or an afternoon with the family."

To date, Shrpa features seven different articles and adventure ideas around the St. Joseph area, including shopping at Bruno Press, The Local Blend and Flour & Flower; date night at Krewe Restaurant, Jupiter Moon Ice Cream and Milk & Honey Ciders; and outdoor walks along the riverfront at Munsinger Gardens and Riverside Park in nearby St. Cloud.

A recent social media post by Shrpa offers ideas for making a full day of adventures in St. Joseph, including starting your day with coffee from The Local Blend, breakfast at Kay's Kitchen, shopping at Weathered Revivals and locally-owned co-op Minnesota Street Market, drinks at Milk & Honey Cider or Bad Habit Brewing and dinner at Gary's Pizza or Krewe.

For more adventure ideas from Shrpa, follow along on social media or at Shrpa's website here.

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