WAITE PARK -- The second monthly Nerd Nite is being held Thursday night. Nerd Nite is an event where volunteers give short presentations about subjects they are interested in.

There are local Nerd Nites across the country, but the event is new to this area. The first one was held last month.

It was brought to the area by John Mielke and his wife Rebecca after they moved here from Fargo in May.

And we were members and pretty active in the Fargo Nerd Nite. And then, when we moved here, it was kind of something we just missed a lot.

Millke says it is a good opportunity to meet people with similar interests.

It kind of encourages friendships too because people who are new to the area come and they find out "oh, I'm not the only one interested in chasing the arouras," when they come. Or, "I'm not the only one interested in old cars."

Tonight's Nerd Nite features presentations on enlightenment, black holes, and the history of potty training. The free event is at the Ultimate Sports Bar and Grill in Waite Park at 6:30 p.m.

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