Starbucks added a new $4 fancy coffee drink to their menu overnight. This time it is a Cloud Macchiato with caramel and cinnamon options, and just in time for spring, the option of it being served hot or cold. I decided to give it a taste test myself to see if it was worth spending your hard earned money on. Plus Cloud Macchiato, St. Cloud, it seems like it was made just for us!


Bold espresso cascades through light, fluffy layers of foam, topped with a drizzle of flavor.

It was bold alright. I took the first sip without stirring the drink and got a mouth full of cold bitter liquid. That'll wake a person up.

Overall the drink was super lightweight, resembling and actual cloud. There is a lot of the fluffy foam in it which takes up space that is normally filled with liquid.

I was a bit turned off by this drink, until I gave a big vigorous stir, and let all the flavors love each other for a minute. Once that happened it was PERFECT. The sweetness of the caramel and foam balanced the bitter espresso and all was right in the world.

Check out my taste test video below, and let me know what you think of the new drink!

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