It was announced yesterday, and today it starts - Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks. Here's what it'll do to your face when you drink it...

Before I get into, you should know I had to be talked into trying this. There's people who like the foo-foo drinks at Starbucks, and then there's people like me. I enjoy at Starbucks latte, why would I go there for anything else?

It wasn't terrible, but I wouldn't get it again. I'm sure the teeny-boppers in St. Cloud will rush daily to get these before they're gone on April 23rd, but for us adults, one is enough.

If there's 1 thing I'd recommend, it's to drink it slowly. The brain-freeze is intense with this drink. Getting a headache, gut ache, and having your cheeks cramping from the sour - it's enough to make a big manly-man fall to his knees!

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