WARNING: TikTok videos contain strong language. Watch with caution.

I was doing my usual mindless scroll through TikTok when this video came across my For You Page:

@bridgettedavis08##stitch with @madisupalla we don’t claim them. ##minnesota ##stcloudminnesota♬ original sound - Bridgette Davis

In the original video, two girls are talking to the camera from the cab of a vehicle sharing that just because you're from Minnesota you can't have high standards, and dress and act the way you want to. They didn't exactly word it like that, there was a little more swearing and gum-smacking, and the phrase "yee-haw Minnesota" kept getting tossed around.

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It was then stitched by user @bridgettedavis08 who said that Minnesota as a whole doesn't claim these two girls and she assumed they were from St. Cloud.

The comment section is where people really shared their words of agreement.

@Kath_coyne said this video has 1000% St. Cloud vibes, @baileepayne94 said that St. Cloud is the Appalachia of Minnesota, and @juliapetroske said, "as someone from St. Cloud, I agree it's a very strange place but we don't claim them." There were a few other towns mentioned that these girls could be from, but the overall consensus was that they belonged to St. Cloud

My favorite comment came from @eolasnolem who said, "St. Cloud is Jersey Shore for Minnesota." So many people were liking the comment, agreeing with it, and sharing that that will be the new way they describe what it's like to live here.

Personally, I like living and working in St. Cloud, and I'm all for women being able to wear and do as they wish. But I'm also well aware that St. Cloud is a strange place sometimes. It's a really diverse area where country and city collide, and even if we are the "Jersey Shore" of Minnesota I'm proud to call it home. After all, everyone looks good in leopard print and trucker hats.

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