ST. CLOUD - With two days added on to the St. Cloud State University move-in weekend, St. Cloud Police are expecting a busy weekend in the southside neighborhoods.

Police are preparing extra patrols for the area with new students moving into SCSU on Thursday.

Commander Jeff Oxton says officers will be out looking for things like underage consumption of alcohol and loud parties.

"We're going to be out to enforce all of our laws, including any alcohol related enforcement and disruptive behavior that we might see."

Last year, St. Cloud Police cited 223 people for various offenses during move-in weekend, which was up from just 59 citations in 2013. The Stearns County Jail booked 30 people on a variety of charges related to move-in day enforcement.

According to St. Cloud State officials, of the 223 cited last year, only 100 were SCSU students. Oxton says move-in weekend tends to bring in young people from all over the state.

"We have extra patrols just to handle the influx of people that we know will be in town. When I say that, I don't just mean SCSU students, we know historically that it's also young people coming here from all over to take part in that."

The top three citations last year were for underage comsumption (100 citations), having an open container on the street (64 citations) and noise violations or loud parties (32 citations). Oxton says they will have extra police in the area Thursday through Saturday night.

"Historically [move-in day] has always been on a Saturday. So a little bit of it is unknown to us, but what we'll do is continue planning like we have in the past to have additional police resources."

Move in day is also expected to create some traffic in South St. Cloud. The primary impact will be from the downtown corridor of 10th Avenue and 8th Avenue South to University Drive. Traffic is expected from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Thursday.

If you use this route you should expect delays and a temporary four way stop at the intersection of 9th Avenue and 4th Street South. Those not involved in move-in day are urged to find a different route.

Over 600 volunteers and staff are expected to take part in helping the thousands of students move in. The extra two days are intended to give students more time for academic orientation and meet others on campus.

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