ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- This winter has brought a lot of snow and more is expected to fall later this week.

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Pete Boulay is an assistant climatologist with the University of Minnesota. He says despite what you may think, St. Cloud has not broken the record for snow totals this season.

Our record in St. Cloud is 87.9 inches of snow. The season total for St. Cloud right now is 68.3 inches, which is good enough for number 9 on the list right now.

The National Weather Service says current models of this next round shows anywhere between 6 to 8 inches of snow may fall between St. Cloud and the Minnesota/Iowa border.

Boulay says while it's possible we could still reach that milestone, we would need to see snow storms falling into April.

You look at the computer models and see things coming, however they may not always pan out. So the bottom line is we have several chances of seeing more snow, but it's hard to predict if it will be record breaking snow.

Boulay adds that with all this snow is likely to come a wet start to spring. He says there isn't a lot of frost on the ground right now, which will help with absorbing the melting snow.

Boulay says snow management is also a great idea to spread out the snow melt and take advantage of the warmer days.





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