ST. CLOUD -- The city is looking at removing a traffic light in downtown St. Cloud.

Traffic Systems Manager Blake Redfield says they are currently doing a survey collecting feedback about the light at the intersection of St. Germain Street and 8th Avenue North.

He says they looked at a study about that intersection back in 2012 and at that time a majority of people wanted the light to stay. However, since that time, two other traffic signals along 8th Avenue -- at Division Street and at 1st Street South -- have both been removed.

Since then our traffic volumes have gone down in the downtown area, and the traffic signal is now nine years older than it was.  It's just getting to the end of its life.

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Redfield says you can weigh in on the survey through the end of this month and they'll make their decision by mid-October. You're asked to call 650-2900.

If the light is removed it will be replaced by a four-way stop by the end of this year.

Right now there is only one other light left on that stretch of St. Germain Street, at 10th Avenue. The light at 12th Avenue was removed a few years ago.

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