So, you're a lover of October, zombies, and booze (BOOze? Sorry...).

But you're also dirt poor.

Applebee's for the save!

Applebee's October Neighborhood Drink of the Month is the Dollar Zombie. It's a 10 ounce cocktail containing rum, pineapple, passion fruit, cherry, and lime...and garnished with a gummy brain.

A 10 ounce cocktail for a dollar? That's gonna make my liver into a zombie!

The whole "Neighborhood Drink of the Month" is a drink (duh) with the ingredients voted on by the people...Socialists!!! The concoction is a fruity mix of tropical and apocalyptic BOOziness.

Personally, all that fruit and rum sounds a little too sweet to me. It's still only a dollar, though, so I'll probably have to try one. For research purposes, of course. "MEDIA"

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