Some people can laugh at impressions of our Minnesota accent.  Others not so much.  I definitely am the former.  I guess I just don't take it personally.  An impression is just taking something someone or a group of people do and then taking it to the extreme.  And I have to say, Taylor did just that. Not only with the accent, but with the topic as well.

When I saw this throwback interview with Taylor Swift and she volunteered to do her Minnesota Soccer Mom impression, I had to watch.  And then I laughed...a lot.  Let's be honest, she's spot on with this impression.


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This seems like such a different side of Taylor too.  You don't often get to see her having fun and laughing.  Her life has gotten so busy that I'm sure she doesn't often get to sit down and do these sorts of interviews anymore.

These days it's mostly coverage of her tour, or more recently, fans swarming her at what was supposed to be a quiet dinner in New Jersey with her friends at the Black Whale Bar & Fish House. They were there to celebrate the wedding of Jack Antonoff who is a friend and producer of Taylor Swift.


Well as you can see the the focus quickly came off the soon to be groom and instead moved to Taylor Swift.  The look of astonishment on her face is clearly seen in reports when she exits dinner.

So scroll back up for the fun side of Taylor.  And go ahead and laugh, it's a great impression!

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