Growing up I often would get lost for a few hours on a Saturday morning or Sunday watching the History Channel and the reruns from the night before. One of those shows that I often found myself watching was Pawn Stars. It seems the gang has hit the road and they are filming in Minnesota this week, through the end of the month!

A casting company was online trying to drum up some extras for the filming that will be happening Tuesday through the end of August. Those selected for the show, even get the chance to bring in an item to be "sold" according to the website that hopeful set extras go to apply for the show.

IF SELECTED TO ATTEND, you can even bring a COOL & UNIQUE item that you think the guys would like, or that you would be interested in selling! There is NO guarantee your item will be bought, but we'd love to see what you have!

While the website doesn't indicate where in Minneapolis the show will be shot, I've got two good guesses as to where the show could be taped.

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My first guess is the Minneapolis Convention Center, it's big enough that you could close up a section, and still have plenty of room for whatever else is going on.

My second guess as to where this might be filmed is at the old Milwaukee Depot hotel, it's got the retro-cool factor, and it's usually not too busy during the week, as the filming runs Tuesday through Thursday for two weeks.

If you are interested in being part of the show it is 18+, and the shift starts and 9am and runs a full 8 hours, but you get lunch and $150 for being a part of the show. Get the details and you can apply for the show by heading here.

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