We've been extremely fortunate this summer to have beautiful weather during the weekends--But, that's all going to change. There's some soggy weather predicted in this weekend's forecast. You won't be able to get your tan on, but that's OK because you'll be able to get some other projects and errands done around the house that you've been saving for a rainy day.

  • Clean the garage
  • Organize your cupboards
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Clean the oven
  • Deep clean the bathroom
  • Binge on your favorite TV show
  • Do some laundry

Yes, I know this isn't as fun as soaking up the sun rays, but you'll feel super productive and good about yourself afterward. Yes, this is pretty much what I'll be doing all weekend...AND I'll be touring the new Vikings stadium! Yup--that's right! I'll definitely be snapping pictures and sharing them with you on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!