I was simply looking for holiday show opportunities to share with you, and I stumbled across a show at Pioneer Place featuring Bryan White. Bryan White!!! I hadn't heard anything about it and it was just a week out from the show date!

I quickly called Bryan's people and asked if he would like to do an interview, and he graciously agreed. As I interviewed Bryan, I realized that we had a lot in common. Other than the fact that Bryan experienced Worldwide success in the 90's before he lost his voice; we BOTH lost our voices around the same time...somewhere around 1998-2000.

I had my deal with Norro Wilson for a mere 3 months before my dreams of making it big were shattered. Too many shows, exhaustion and recording my album over a two year period of time had taken it's toll on me; and my career was over. I wouldn't be able to sing for another 5 years.

But like Bryan said, as he took time off, it helped him figure out that music and his voice didn't define him as a person. Bryan was worthy. Bryan was loved with or without the number one hits.  His biggest hits?  His two sons. He is a HUGE fan of Minnesota as he sold more albums in Minnesota than anywhere else; and he's forever grateful for that, as well as the success he experienced.

His show was down to earth, sit around the campfire with a voice and a guitar perfect. Thanks again Bryan for the music; the stories and spending some time in chilly Minnesnowta!

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