1. St. Cloud Super Man Comes Out of Hibernation - It's like seeing the first robin of spring. See if you can spot him on the corner by DQ on Division.

2. Flip Flops at Coborn's - I feel like my first sighting of someone wearing shorts and flip flops is always at Coborn's. It's happened three years in a row now, at two different Coborn's.

3. Windows Down on Division - Sunshine + a temperature above 35 degrees = windows down. It's almost a law.

4. Pot Holes Everywhere - Spring is pot hole season. They are one of the only bad part of the thaw.


5. Long Car Wash Lines - This winter has been long, messy, and down right cold. A car wash has been out of the question unless you have a heated garage and know your doors won't freeze shut. Once it is above freezing, the line is going to be long. Have a way to entertain yourself.

6. Open Garage Doors - The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and all the garage doors in my neighborhood are open. It's like the St. Cloud signal that we survived another winter and can handle anything.

What sign of spring do you look for? Share it with us here and we will add it to the list!

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