Nothing to see here, people. Move it along!

So, technology continues to invade our personal space. This could be a great idea (for the lazy), or could be a bad idea (for the jerks).

That extra 'i' is for invasion of privacy.


So here's what they do: they monitor your heart rate, body temp, hydration, and more, by way of sensors in the underwear.

If it determines that you're cold, the smart underwear can communicate with the smart thermostat that you obviously have if you're buying computerized undergarments. If you're too cold, it'll turn the thermostat up.

Stressed? It'll tell your smart audio thingy to play calming music.

Now, this troubles me. First off: will there be an upgrade that will lower the lights and play smooth jazz if the sensors determine that you're horny? Can this info be sent to an app? Can someone hack your underwear and mess with your smart devices? Will this underwear tell someone that I haven't showered in 4 days?

Asking for a friend.

These aren't cheap, as one would expect for "smart" underwear. A 4-pack will put you back $279.

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