The Star Tribune recently reported that Edina's City Council is considering raising the tobacco age to 21. They're not the only city in the country considering making the change from 18 to 21 either. However, Edina would be the first town in Minnesota. I think that St. Cloud needs to get on board with this.

I am in full support of raising the tobacco age. I grew up around smokers and I've witnessed the negative health effects first-hand. I've had a family members whose lungs have collapsed, had cancer, breathing problems and you name it--all smoking induced.

It's horrible to watch someone go through something like I've mentioned above. The addiction is sometimes so strong that they can't even resist the urge to have a cigarette despite suffering from so many health issues.

I've even known people who have fallen asleep with cigarettes in their hands and started their homes on fire. True story. There's nothing good about cigarettes and tobacco use, studies have shown. They're a drain on your bank account and your life. Everyone I've ever met who smokes has told me not to even start.

I don't think that raising the tobacco age will stop everyone under 21 from smoking. I mean, if you really want it you'll probably be able to get it one way or another...but, I think it will make it a little harder to start, and that's worth it to me.


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