LeRoy, Minnesota.  Have you heard of it?  Until now, I hadn't. But they are in the news today because of something they had written about a problem that we are ALL experiencing.


They are especially terrible this winter.  I mean in some places I think a gravel road might be better.  On another story we had here, there was a comment made that they aren't sure that Cooper Avenue can even be classified as a road anymore because the potholes are so bad.  I absolutely agree on that one.  I live off of Cooper, and it's God-Awful.  I do know that there is a plan to fix that road, and there was a supply issue last year.  That's why it hasn't been done.  But good grief!  It's really bad.

Anyway, the town of LeRoy, down by the Iowa border asked Artificial Intelligence to write a poem about potholes. It's something that I think we can all relate to.

Bring Me the News posted the poem that was apparently posted on Facebook (I couldn't find it there) so, here it is from BMtN:

"Oh potholes, how you mar our roads,

With craters deep and jagged loads,

You lie in wait, like hidden foes,

To jolt and toss us as we go.

Your treacherous pits, so dark and wide,

Are death traps for cars, bikes, and tires,

You make us curse and swerve aside,

And wreck our rims and shocks entire.

You form in winter, with frost and rain,

And grow in summer, with heat and strain,

You multiply with every year,And fill our drives with endless fear.

But despite our rage and woe,

You stubbornly refuse to go,

And so we swerve and dodge and slow,

Till we reach our final abode.

Oh potholes, how you test our skill,

And make us curse with every thrill,

But even as we curse and whine,

We know you're here to stay in time."

It's pretty good, but maybe we could do better than this??  Some of the potholes in St. Cloud are so bad, that they could have their own zip codes.  I can't wait until Spring, but with the amount of road work that needs to be done around this town, I'm not sure that there is enough time to get it done by next winter.

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