Those liberal hippies in California are trying to tech all over our homes.

Okay, not really. Just new homes.

Beginning in 2020 nearly all new houses, condos, and apartment buildings will be required - REQUIRED - to have solar panels installed.

Of course, this would add to the already-rising construction costs -- to the spendy tune of $25k - $30k per house -- but hey, solar panels!

The California Energy Commission counters that despite the extra costs home owners will end up saving $50k to $60k over the course of 25 years (the life expectancy of solar technology, and usually only a few years less than a new mortgage).

Look, Mom! I planted a field of savings and energy independence! (Getty Images)

No states other than California (should the new construction standards be passed, which they likely will be) will require solar panels for new construction...for now.

But you know how dominoes don't fall until one starts the chain reaction? This will be the beginning of a trend. requiring energy-offset technology in new construction a bad trend?

H/T: Engadget

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