Disclaimer: This post is in no way a representation of the political views of the radio station. It is purely meant to inform of the story behind these billboards and signs appearing across our area.

In the past week, I have seen so many signs and billboards all across central Minnesota that say "RecallWalz.org #RocksAndCows". But what exactly do they mean, and what does this organization want to accomplish with these signs?

The "rocks and cows" portion of this sign is a reference to a speech Minnesota Governor Tim Walz made in 2017, referencing rural Minnesota on a map of voters. A lot of that area appears as "red" or Republican voters, and in the speech Walz says:

You see those maps. Red and Blue and there's all that red across there. And Democrats go into depression over it. It's mostly rocks and cows that are in that red area.

So why is a three-year-old quote being used to recall the Governor? A petition started by Action 4 Liberty described it on their website:

Whereas, Gov Walz has violated specifically the 14th Amendment that states “nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law"

THEREFORE, be it resolved, that we the people of Minnesota DEMAND A RECALL of Gov. Tim Walz for his repeated offenses against his oath and the people & businesses of Minnesota.

When visiting the RecallWalz.org website, their homepage reads:

Governor Walz and his fear-mongering accomplices took advantage of the COVID-19 situation to enact broad, arbitrary, and damaging orders that have quickly proven to be a cure worse than the disease.
Our Mission: We need to hold Walz accountable for his misuse of power, and infringement on our rights as U.S. and Minnesotan citizens. We MUST remove Walz from Office.

From what I'm gathering across these sites is that people are upset with how Governor Walz handled the COVID-19 pandemic response, and this is how they are speaking out. Rural Minnesota knows it is more than just "rocks and cows" and want to show the rest of the state that as well.

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