If you like star gazing...or better yet...planet and moon gazing...this is your month. Pretty much, weather permitting, you'll be able to see Jupiter's moons for most of the month in the nighttime sky.


Jupiter is at it's brightest this month. It rises at dusk, and will remain visible all night long. On June 17th and 18th, Mercury and Mars are going to be joining the party; they'll appear to be right next to eachother right at sunset...so be watching the night sky and don't miss it.

And how about that moon of ours? From June 14th through June 19th, the moon is going to form a beautiful line up in the sky with planets Saturn and Jupiter. You'll be able to see that the moon has it's own orbit and doesn't stay in alignment. If you would like to learn more, and watch a video of what you might be looking for in the night sky, just click HERE now.


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