ST. CLOUD -- Part of a $10 million grant is being awarded to St. Cloud State University to study agricultural practices in the area.

Faculty and students at St. Cloud State will conduct focus groups and surveys to find out what problems farmers have with feeding their livestock forages instead of grain.

Much of the greenhouse gases emitted in the United States come from the agricultural sector.

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Ann Finan is a Professor of Sociology at St. Cloud State. She is in charge of the research.

We know that a fairly large portion of US greenhouse gases results from the agricultural sector. By integrating forages, that's one way the agricultural sector can substantially decrease carbon emissions.

Forages are green plants that are grown to feed livestock. Examples include pasture land and alfalfa.

We're hoping to begin those focus groups in late winter, early spring, so February or March. We will begin collecting data with those focus groups and hopefully, that data will result in some shorter-term policy recommendations related to the current farm bill.

The project is expected to take five years.

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