ST. CLOUD (WJON News) - The final budget has been released at St. Cloud State University, and it includes cuts to both staff and programs.

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In total, four programs and one center will be suspended, and 70 programs will not be accepting new students next fall.

SCSU President Robbyn Wacker explains that some of the cuts will eliminate duplication.

So for example, there's (the) environmental studies, bachelor in elective studies. That's going away because we have environmental studies, Bachelor of Science degree. So it's important to make sure that folks understand that those 70 aren't 70 highly enrolled programs. But the few that do have a couple of students in them, they absolutely will be able to complete (their program at SCSU).

Officials report more than 80 percent of the cut programs have fewer than three enrolled students, and all currently enrolled students will be able to complete their program of study at SCSU.

In addition to the program cuts, 36 employees will be laid off; eight faculty positions in the four programs and one center are being cut, as well as 13 faculty in other programs and 15 non-faculty positions

The 36 staff cuts are smaller than the 55 positions proposed in the preliminary budget in April. Wacker says a leaner university is necessary in the new higher education marketplace.

We know that when you have a college education, your lifetime earnings are three times and even greater than someone without a college education. We know the health metrics are better, and engagement in communities is higher. There are so many direct and indirect benefits of our higher education. It’s absolutely worth the investment.

After the cuts, the university will offer 239 programs of study. Officials do not expect a significant impact on students enrolled in those areas or prospective students interested in SCSU.



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