If you love the smell of lilacs, you are going to want to head out to Boomerville Lodge in Cold Spring, to experience a unique maze that has been in the making for the past 20 years. Yes! 20 years!

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The Boomerville Lodge is a new event center that is located on a 150-year-old farm near Cold Spring. Boomerville Lodge is cleverly named as it is aimed at baby boomers and baby boomer wannabes.

Boomerville Lodge hosts events of all kinds from wedding events, to birthday and anniversary parties, to class reunions and more. They offer a slew of outdoor activities, but they have something extra special that you can enjoy right now.

Boomerville Lodge has a Lilac Labyrinth, a maze made exclusively from Lilac bushes! According to KARE 11, Mike Nistler, Hobby Farmer, planted the lilacs into a maze pattern about 20 years ago, and today, some of those bushes are 10 feet tall. The unique Labyrinth is 500 feet long, and if you decided to walk through it non-stop, it would take about 3-4 minutes. For those of you who want to relish in the sweet scents of lilacs and the beauty these bushes create, there are plenty of benches for you to rest on along the path.

The Lilac Labyrinth has been open since last year when approximately 500 people came to enjoy the lilac experience.

There is NO CHARGE for you to come and experience this unique labyrinth, but donations are welcome. All donations are going to cover medical expenses for his second cousin, Ron Nistler, who was a medic in the Vietnam War. Ron is going through a difficult time due to being exposed to Agent Orange and has had many surgeries and now has a feeding tube. Ron was a volunteer driver for other veterans and logged over 5800 hours, and Mike thinks that people really need to know how important that is.

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