This...is...brilliant. And Travelers Inn Restaurant in Alexandria, I WILL be stopping by for this!

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Travelers Inn Restaurant in Alexandria is going to make you Girl Scout Pancakes! Just look at those beautiful pancakes, and how about those flavors?!


I'm not sure if they will make whatever kind of Girl Scout pancakes you want, but in their photo of some of the pancakes, they feature three varieties, which I think all sound amazing!

First, we have my all-time favorite GirlScout Cookie; The Thin Mint. It's been around since I was a kid, and no matter if I'm getting a few new GirlScout Cookies to try, I have to get the great standby. You can't go wrong with those thin mint cookies; and I can imagine that lovely mint flavor in a pancake, topped with a dollop of Whip cream.

Photo by Ella Heineman on Unsplash
Photo by Ella Heineman on Unsplash


Next, we have a fruity flavor! Why not try Lemonades GirlScout Cookie pancakes?  These are the lemonade sandwich cookies offered by GirlScouts, and I think a lemony flavor might be a bit delightful.

Finally, I think this one sounds the best. The Travelers Inn in Alexandria is making the Caramel DeLites pancakes; a flavor of chocolate, caramel, and coconut all built into a tasty buttery pancake.

Travelers say they'll be offering the tasty cakes up all week, but it sounds like just THIS WEEK. If you want in on the GirlScout Cookie fun, make a stop at Travelers Inn Cafe in Alexandria. BTW...Have you checked out their menu? Yummy!


If you go crazy buying 10 boxes of GirlScout cookies this year, now you know what you can try at home! Have a GirlScout Cookie Pajama party for all your kids, and enjoy some tasty pancakes!

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