First and foremost: no, I didn't get any pictures. Fortunately, some professionals did. Enjoy!

These kids have been a blast so far!


We picked our name and two songs on Day One. Day Two was all about prepping for the show. That included rehearsing the songs again and again and again and again.

Then figuring out the song key that would fit best for the vocalists, and rehearsing againer and againer and againer and againer in the new keys.


As the day wore on, the songs started coming together. The very first time that we nailed Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" was when another School of Rock band came into our rehearsal space to watch us.

The lyrics - while tame compared to a lot of today's hits - have been changed by our singers for a squeaky-clean version of a rebellious punk rock song about not caring what people think.

Most of the School of Rock bands entirely consist of students. Ours - with only two vocalists and a guitar/saxophone player for students - includes the instructors (myself, co-instructor Ron, and student-mentor Jayce), so the kids have a backing band of professionals. We plan on staying as far into the background as possible, because this is about THE KIDS. I'm just having so much fun that it's hard to hold still!

Day Three is today, and it's Picture Day for the band posters. Rock on!

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