I can't count the number of times as a kid that I heard the phrase "don't play with your food!" It seemed to be a phrase that showed up weekly if not daily. It was hard being a curious child.

Now playing with food is encouraged. Bob Dylan was really onto something because the times are in fact a changing. I was shopping at Walmart in Sartell this week and as I went down the baking aisle my eye was caught by a couple of Jell-O products I had never seen before.

Abbey MInke
Abbey Minke

This "Magic Adventure Build + Eat kit" literally says "play" on it.  You get to make your own glittery Jello-O, put it into the building block molds, let it harden, and then get to build a freaking castle out of your food.

Where was this when I was a child?!

That wasn't the only toy in the baking aisle. Jell-O is also now selling tubs of edible Jell-O slime mixture to go along with the slime craze that swept the internet a couple of years ago. They have plain green slime as well as a unicorn slime mix for the more magical consumer.

I am seriously envious of kids these days. I want to be encouraged to play with my food! I wonder if I could try to recreate my childhood by making my mom come to Walmart with me and beg her to buy my a Jell-O castle kit. Or I could just be an adult and buy to for myself.

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