I've spent most of my days in close proximity to the mighty Mississippi. There's something about the river - the beauty, the majesty, the nature - that I really, really love. I've taken many walks along many stretches of its banks but I've never seen a river walk like the one in San Antonio, Texas.

I spent almost two weeks in Texas in a small town on the coast but flew in and out of the San Antonio Airport. So, the last day in Texas (and the only day it didn't rain) we walked the banks of the San Antonio River.

The San Antonio River Walk is a public park and is the number one tourist attraction in Texas. You can ride a tour boat, discover local artists, shop or stop for a meal at one of the hundreds of tables that line the water.

It was definitely pretty and you can't complain about 70 degrees and sunshine in February. If you ever make it to San Antonio, you should visit...but I'm a Mississippi girl.


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