My Dad and Sampson.  You probably hear me talking about one or the other quite a bit. My Dad is amazing. He can fix, build, create and pretty much do anything! He's been helping me with all kinds of huge tasks around my house. It's sort of nice being able to have him around.  He's shingled my shed, hung my pictures, built me a laundry table, fixed my garage, name it.  My Dad can do it.


Yesterday, I came home and he'd been working all day to extend my fence to my garage so that I could let Sampson out in his new backyard without having to do it from my kitchen upstairs sliding glass door.

In just a few hours, Dad had the extension built on, and it looks great. Sampson is enjoying his new running ground, as it gives him a lot more room to get his run off to a great start, and he can now see around the house; as any protective dog wants to do.

He was so happy. He looked like a race horse taking off out of the gate when I opened the garage door. He's so beautiful when he runs.


Beware though. If Sampson doesn't know should not approach the fence. It's sort of like a block between you and a T-Rex. He's big...he's fast...and he's protective. Sam is a sweet little baby with me...but lest he not know thee...I beg ye stay away until we have made a proper introduction.

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