My wonderful Father has been busting his tail; helping me fix up our new home. Putting up pictures, hanging up clocks; and most recently, shingling my shed. Ironically, Sampson decided he's bust HIS tail this time too.

Dad had opened up the backyard fence so that he could get in and out easier with tools, ladders...all the things you need to shingle a shed.

Sampson heard someone outside, and was excited to get outside. Tanner, doing what we all do when Sam wants to go outside, opened the backdoor that leads to the gated backyard; not knowing that Grandpa had already opened up the fence.

Sampson saw the open fence and thought,  "Hey! Holiday!"  He proceeded to run down 6th Ave N. until he ran out in front of  a car and got hit. Then...he decided that that wasn't very much fun...ran to a neighbors and then straight home.

I have to thank the nice lady that got out of her car and apologized to my son for hitting Sampson; but it really wasn't her fault. It was just very kind of her to care enough to do that. Tanner in return, apologized for letting Sampson get away; which really, wasn't his fault either. He proceeded with our normal protocol. He just forgot our discussion that Grandpa was going to open the fence, and I guess he thought Grandpa would let him know before he did it. Miscommunication on everyone's part.

Kelly Cordes
Kelly Cordes


Sampson was really lucky; and so were we. One of my biggest fears is Sampson escaping the fenced in yard and getting hurt, but also he's so big, he could have hurt someone else, or hurt their vehicle. Sampson escaped unscathed, less a few minor cuts on his left hind leg, which I cleaned and tended to as soon as I got home. By the time I got home to check on him, Sampson was running and playing like nothing ever happened. Hopefully, he has learned that when it's Sampson Vs. Car; the Car will always win.

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