Some people see Jesus in toast or Mother Mary in the clouds. This guy saw a tomato crying over Minnesota's drought conditions.

With 42% of Minnesota in extreme drought conditions, much of the state continues to see water deprivation unlike any we've seen in decades. WJON reports the National Weather Service as recording St. Cloud at 5.59 inches of rainfall for the summer months below normal; for the entire year so far, St. Cloud is 5.68 inches of precipitation below normal. The Mighty Mississippi River is looking more bare than normal, as well; in fact, the City of St. Cloud recently announced that it would be shutting down the second hydroelectric dam, citing this as the first time it has completely shut down the dam since 1988.

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Needless to say, with such severe lack of water around the state, even the crops are feeling -- and expressing -- the strain. A photo shared to the Minnesota thread of Reddit appears to show a sad, crying tomato.

"The drought this year is really starting to produce some horrific tomatoes," Reddit user u/Tofu_boy14 captioned the photo he took.

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The tomato -- presumably grown in Minnesota -- has two holes creating the likeness of eyes on a face. Additional dents and growths give the "face" a frowning or sad appearance complete with tears falling from the eyes.

"This is the saddest tomato I’ve seen!" commented one person.

"Sad tomato wants to know why you didn’t water it more," commented another.

"It’s the whole face! Turned down mouth, nose, tears streaming from sad eyes. This is better than Jesus on toast," joked a third.

What we really want to know now is -- if the tomato was watered would that frown turn upside down?

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