If you've ever wanted to run for a cause, how about considering the run that raises money for some of the bravest men and women out there - our veterans. These men and women gave their all for us and it's time we give a little thanks back to them.

This time last year I had just crossed the 60 pound mark in my weight loss journey. Up until that point in my life, my motto had always been, "If you see me running, try to keep up - something's wrong." People asked me last year to join them in some of the local runs and I declined. I wasn't ready for it yet. Now in 2012, I have started running and am ready to tackle a few 5k runs this year. I'm already signed up for a couple and I've added one of the most inspirational runs to my list.

The Old Glory Run is in Cold Spring each year and is so much more than just a 5k run/walk. It is a time to honor those that have given so much to our country. I'm talking about the brave men and women that give up their lives to keep our freedoms in place, to help those abroad that are trying to obtain their freedoms and keeping the peace throughout the world. Those that are serving deserve a huge thank you. Those that have served deserve our support as many are wounded, need mental rehabilitation or just support getting back to a normal life.

The Old Glory Run honors those that are serving and raises funds for those that have served. The runs are in place, yes. But it's the ceremonies that are the most touching. Seeing our veterans being honored, hearing their stories and knowing that the money you donated to participate in the run is going to be used to truly help these men and women.

All the proceeds are donated to the Minnesota Disabled American Veterans. With the money, the DAV can continue to help build better lives for our disabled veterans.

Last year The Old Glory Run attracted over 1400 participants from 110 cities, covering 4 different states. Yes, it is a run, but you can also walk. And if you can't do either of those, you can at least join us on May 19 in Cold Spring for the festivities and show your support.

The Old Glory Run will be Saturday, May 19. The opening ceremonies begin at 9:45, 5k race begins at 10. The closing ceremonies will be at 11:45 and there will be fun activities for the kids throughout and following.

I have found my strength to run this 5k, how about you? Want to come run with me? Get registered now and I'll see you in Cold Spring for The Old Glory Run!