As the snow melts, sidewalk chalk drawing start popping up around my neighborhood like crazy. A favorite of my neighborhood kids is hopscotch, last summer we had a hopscotch trail that was over 200 boxes long lining the sidewalk. You could say we are fans of the game.

Down in Rochester, Minnesota last week a couple of kids were outside working on sidewalk chalk drawings when a UPS delivery driver stopped by to drop off a package. After dropping off the box, he took a few seconds to hopscotch down the driveway with the kids on his way back to the truck. The kid's mom, Teresa Angeli looked out the window just in time to see it happen, and then shared the home security camera footage to spread the joy to others online.

Teresa shared with Kare11 that she hasn't talked to the UPS driver, but if she could she would thank him:

Thank you for making my kids smile during a time that is stressful for them because of the pandemic. They have been taught to 'stay away' from people because of COVID, and it has unfortunately put a little fear into them to be any kind of social at all. This gave them a little glimmer that people are still wonderful and fun, and life will soon turn around.

This is a great reminder for us all that the smallest things can leave the biggest impact on others. Something as simple (and fun) as playing hopscotch with a kid can completely turn their day around. Make someone smile today, chances are good it'll make you smile too.

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