A post on Facebook from Central Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation is asking citizens to be on the lookout for animals who have been shot with darts on St. Cloud's east side.

The post to their Facebook page on Sunday, January 31st said:

If you live near the Kilian Blvd SE (between Lincoln Depot and Munsinger) area in St. Cloud, we need help getting photos and capturing animals that have darts sticking out of their bodies. Someone in the area has been shooting animals and the animals have been left to wander with these injuries.


The post went on to share that there were three reported incidents within 24 hours of animals with darts in their bodies. In the comments, it was revealed that the animals were squirrels. The Facebook page is collecting information from anyone that might have it so this can better be reported to the St. Cloud police department. Anyone that has seen these animals or others with darts in them, or has pictures of them are being asked to share.

There is an open season on Gray and Fox squirrels through February 28th with a daily limit of 7, and legal shotting hours of 1/2 hour before sunrise to sunset. There is also a law that doesn't allow the firing of weapons in St. Cloud city limits:

No person except a police officer in the performance of duty will, within the City, discharge any gun, pistol, firearm of any description or carry any such weapon unless it is dismounted or broken apart or carried in a case in a manner that it cannot be discharged.

Central Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation is a group dedicated to properly rehabilitating orphaned, sick and injured native species in Central Minnesota, and works to promote the healthy cohabitation of people and wildlife through education. For more information on them be sure to check out their website.

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