A box of family recipes left behind at a Duluth brewery three years ago was recently reunited with its owners.

In November 2018 staff at Hoops Brewing Company in Duluth's Canal Park found a box of hand-written recipe cards left behind in the beer hall. Recognizing them as a family heirloom, they immediately set about finding the owner. By the time they located the recipes' author, however, they learned that the individual had already passed away. Eager to reunite the recipes with the deceased's family, the brewery last week took to social media with a public call for help.

"We feel these recipes are a priceless family heirloom that someone is missing," the brewery captioned a pair of photos. "Please like and share this post far and wide to help us find the owners!"

A local television station KBJR6 picked up the story as well, and before long someone had reached out. Maggie Cretens of Duluth was scrolling through Facebook when she saw the social media post and recognized her grandmother's name and mom's handwriting.

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"I didn’t know it was missing," she told KBJR6. "I don’t know where it came from, I just know the name Doris and I recognized my mom’s handwriting." She reached out to Hoops Brewing to confirm details and determined that the recipes and recipe box did -- in fact -- belong to her mom and grandma. She has since been reunited with them.

“My mom left behind a bunch of recipes boxes," Cretens said. "We copied the recipes and put them in a binder to preserve them. So it’s really neat to have more to see if there are different ones, or what’s in there I have no idea."

Not only does Cretens have a new box of recipes to pass down to future generations, but she's got a pretty great story to share, too!

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