Now that winter is here in full force I'm reminded of all the reasons I dislike (or loathe, maybe?) driving this time of year.

I live about a half hour east of St. Cloud and my drive home yesterday afternoon was horrible.  They hadn't plowed any of the side roads and other drivers were just plain rude.  I admit I'm not the best driver out there but I'm overly cautious in the winter and I think people should be respectful of that.

Here are just a few reasons I don't like driving after it has snowed out:

1.  Semi-trucks --  Here's the deal, most truck drivers are awesome.  They don't drive like jerks and they're respectful of others on the road.  Like many other things, there are a few of them that come flying past you and one has come close to pushing me off the road.  I know they have deadlines, but so do the rest of us.  You're not going to get where you need to be any faster if you mangle us.

2.  Trucks --  Dude, just because you have 4-wheel drive doesn't mean you're invincible.  If I'm going to slow, then by all means pass me but don't ride my tail because if I have to hit the breaks you're going to be in just as much of a pickle as I am.

3.  Cars --  I'm glad you're comfortable going through snow piles at 50+ miles per hour. I'm not willing to take a gamble like that and don't assume that because you are, I am. Go around and if I see you in the ditch a few miles ahead, I will be sure and wave.

There are several other reasons I don't like driving in the snow but I think if we can all remember a few things, the whole experience will be better for everyone.  Here's a few tips -- (I'm speaking from experience -- I've had a few accidents in my day, ya know!) -- keep a good distance between you and the car in front of you, if you can't, then pass them.  If that's not an option, then sit back and enjoy the ride my friend.  Use your good judgement and realize everyone handles the conditions a little differently.

What do you dislike most about winter driving?