You've done it...right? You've seen something that looks absolutely amazing on Facebook, and decided you just had to have it right? Like me..when I found the most comfortable pair of jeans in the whole wide world...available only other than...Facebook.

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Townsquare Media

If I bought one pair, I had to pay full price, but if I bought two, I had a great discount. Just look at the sizing?  This is NOT stretchy... Oh my...I can't even think of showing you what they looked like half way up my legs.

I ended up going through that process til I could get 4 pair of the greatest jeans in the world for only $45.  So I did it. I hit the purchase button and waited anxiously for about 3 weeks for my amazing fitting pants. I'm going to look so great in these pants!

Townsquare Media

When they arrived...I was excited. Then I was like...wait a can 4 pair of pants fit into this little bag. When I opened it I was shocked to find paper thin prints of supposed pants. I had a variety of sizes...Large, X Large, and 3 Xlarge just in know.The pair featured above is the BIGGEST pair of pants I received. Uhmmm...They wouldn't even go all the way up my leg. Somehow my  boyfriend managed to get them all the way up...I apologize..but that photo was not meant for sharing.  Just look at the detailed pretend creases and jean pockets...yes...very high tech indeed.


Save your money...Facebook is NOT the place to spend your money. Yeah...I knew that.