School wouldn't have been half as fun for me if I had never discovered Marching Band. It was the pride of Princeton. We were proud of our band, our Band Boosters, and our great teachers and instructors that gave us a work together and achieve great things.

Kelly Cordes


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Although I don't remember much about this trip, many of my classmates remember that the Inaugural parade was cancelled due to the unbearable freezing temps.  I remember the plane ride there, laying a wreath on the Unknown Soldiers tomb, and meeting a Guard for a briefing before laying the wreath, and not understanding a word she said, other than she was from Georgia. What a deep southern accent. She might have been messing with us. Go figure...years later I moved to Kentucky, and developed what some would say is a slight southern drawl.

Kelly Cordes


I thought I'd let my fellow bandmates tell you what they remember. I asked for their pictures and comments, and these are some of the comments that were in the Princeton Memories page as well as some that I received from messaging some of them Tuesday evening.

Ann Bowden Reed

"I know we went to Mt Vernon, the Smithsonian, the Union Station, the Capitol and that indoor thing with the president and Vice President George HW and their wives. I remember all of the cameras and the security (including the dogs that sniffed the “suitcases” that held the flags and presidential seal. I also remember Charles Kuralt sat a few seats in front of us at this event. We got there super early, but had good seats."
Kelly Cordes
"I also have everything from the trip including the Flag we all got that flew over the white house. Still in the bag yet, I also remember How we turned down the trip to Florida as a make up for not being able to march in the parade so we could march in the Princeton Memorial parade I think."
Kelly Cordes
"I remember when the secret service made you relinquish your saber for security--and we needed to take off our jackets and leave them outside of the arena because of security concerns."
Kelly Cordes
"I was there too. Many of the same memories shared. Charles Kuralt was there. Nancy regan was of course wearing red. My first time on a plane as well. Didnt Kare11 send a camera guy with?"
Kelly Cordes
"We weren’t allowed to twirl our rifles due to security reasons."

Wendy Marshall Schimenek

"Lee Greenwood singing “God Bless the USA”."
Kelly Cordes

Shelley Raw Beauchamp

"I remember being interviewed for the “McNeal Lehrer Hour”. I remember the flag they gave each of us at the stadium that day. I still have it!"
"I remember thinking it wouldn’t be too cold in DC, but my letter jacket and Converse high tops were not nearly warm enough for the -what seemed like - very long time at the Unknown Soldier graveside event. My feet were literal ice cubes when we got back on the bus, I’m sure I got a dose of frostbite.
And, yes, it was disappointing when the parade was canceled. And, yes, I had a homemade t-shirt underneath my uniform that proclaimed my support for the Mondale team, and Mr. Moulton was not impressed. I also know I had a LOT of fun; that chartered plane ride was a blast!"

DC Bails-Forbes

"Remember how Mr. Moulton had a brass mouthpiece coated in travel trailer antifreeze? It was buried in a snowbank and he brought it in and it played perfectly! I know the color guard was prohibited from spinning as it could create blind spots for the secret service. Roger Sothman was the FO on our chartered Republic Airlines."
"I remember preparing for the parade with Vaseline on our faces and tube socks over our ears!"
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