The first time my friend in Shakopee asked me to play "Bags" when I was visiting from San Diego I didn't know what she was talking about.  Once she described it, I said, "Oh, you mean Cornhole".  Now that I live back here in Minnesota again I see that most people seem to refer to the game as "Bags".

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But whatever you call it, Cornhole or Bags, it's a Summer backyard staple here in Central Minnesota and across the entire country. It pits neighbors, family members and friends against each other.  There could be ice-cold beverages involved - let's be honest, there really should be - or not.

Photo by Aaron James on Unsplash
Photo by Aaron James on Unsplash

My friend's boards are home-made and you've got to love the theme, right?!

Photo by: Brooks OBrian-TSM
Photo by: Brooks OBrian-TSM

But if you're tired of losing to Fred the neighbor down the street and sick of all of his trash talking, it might be time to take some tips from a Pro.  If you're buying your boards and bags, the folks at Wirecutter did some research and they came up with what they consider the best.  They chose the 'Gamechanger' bags and 'Tournament Series' boards.

Then they give 6 Tips to help your game:

  1. Set your boards on a soft surface
  2. Wipe away moisture from your boards
  3. Think before you throw
  4. Toss your bags like a frisbee
  5. Don't stress over "proper" form
  6. Play the back tape

Definitions of these rules are in the Wirecutter article HERE.

Now go kick neighbor Fred's butt!

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