This is something that none of us should even have to think about; however, if you want to make sure that your holidays are bright this year, keep a watchful eye out. Your packages should be arriving any day now from all those Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases, and Porch Pirates are ready and waiting to collect.

Porch Pirates have been driving through neighborhoods looking for packages of any kind; and just because you have a security camera, doesn't mean that it will stop them from taking your items. Although a security camera may help catch the thieves, it often does NOT deter them from taking your packages.

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There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from this kind of crime.

1. Don't count on your security camera.  Yes; you might catch them taking your package, but it doesn't mean you'll ever find out who that person was, and even if you do, your packages are probably long gone.

2. Leave specific instructions. Hopefully, you have a specific place that might be a better location to collect your packages. Porch Pirates are typically focused on driving or walking up, grabbing a package, and getting out of dodge as fast as they can. Some suggest that you leave a message on the door for delivery personnel, or leave specific instructions when you place the order of where you want your package to be left.

3. Track your package. If you are tracking your package you should be able to narrow down the delivery date so that you know someone will be home watching for it, or make sure that you ask for a signature upon delivery.

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash
Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

4. Have your packages delivered to work. Many employers don't mind if you have your packages delivered to your place of business; as someone is usually there waiting for the packages to arrive, and they won't be left outside until you get home from work.

5. Ask household members. If your package was listed as delivered, and you don't see it, check with family members who live in the home first, to make sure they didn't bring the package in the house for you.

6. Don't shop online. I guess the best way to protect yourself from Porch Pirates, is to do the shopping yourself and bring the packages in the house when you get home. It may sound inconvenient to you, but I promise. This is the way we always used to do it, and it worked pretty well.


Remember that you may not ever recover your money when Porch Pirates take your possessions. Think about ways you can have your packages delivered safely before hitting that purchase button.

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