Sad News From The Well-Loved Minnesota Zoo

An extremely sad announcement was shared recently by the Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley.  One of the animals that has called the zoo "home" since the 1990s has passed away.

The Minnesota Zoo Announced That Nikita, a Burmese Python, Has Died

"We are saddened to share the news of the death of Nikita, a Burmese python who was a fixture of the Tropics Trail for decades. Nikita was 29 years old, making her one of the oldest Burmese pythons in human care."


Nikita Was An Impressive Python That Needed 5 to 7 Zookeepers to Move Her

"When she came to the Minnesota Zoo in the 1990s, Nikita was a few feet long and weighed 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.). Over her long life, she grew to a stunning 14 feet, 8 inches long and weighed 67 kg (nearly 148 lbs.). For her routine care and health exams, it took a team of five to seven Zookeepers to safely move and lift her."

Millions of Minnesota Zoo Guests Have Had A Chance To Enjoy Nikita in the Tropics Trail Habitat

"Her habitat in the nocturnal portion of the Tropics Trail offered her warmth and high humidity as are found in her species’ native range in southeast Asia. Throughout her life, she received a nutritious diet of small mammals that she swallowed whole. Nikita was humanely euthanized due to ongoing health issues. She was a remarkable ambassador for her species, helping to build an understanding of the critical role of snakes in healthy ecosystems around the world. With her beauty and size, we are confident Nikita left a big—and lasting—impression on the millions of Zoo guests who visited her over her long life."

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