Phase III of Stay Safe MN just got started and we ease a little more back into "normalcy" every day. It was a long three months of spending A LOT of time in our homes where anything goes. Want to leave your dirty cup on the coffee table until the next morning? Want to wait an extra day to take out the trash? Want to leave a candy wrapper on the kitchen table? Fine. It's your house.

But as we move back out into the real world, please clean up after yourself. Your mom isn't following you around picking up everything you drop.

The photo above was taken Thursday, June 11th. I was going to the gym at Midtown Square in St. Cloud and as I walked in, this facemask was sitting on the ground by the door.

Litter drives me nuts in the first place. I'm a firm believer we should leave the world better than how we found it, but seeing face masks being left places has been especially irritating lately. I'm seeing them left behind in so many parking lots. I don't know if people think they are biodegradable, if the cart wranglers will pick them up, or what.

I understand that accidents and mishaps happen. The wind catches things and people might not even notice. But if you do notice, all I ask is that you chase after it and dispose of it properly. Don't let it become someone else's problem to deal with.

We are all super concerned with cleanliness as of late. No one wants to touch random face masks. I did it, and I really don't feel like doing it again.

It took teamwork to flatten the curve on COVID-19, now let's use that teamwork to make the world a cleanlier place.

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