I mean, you could go to dinner on Valentine's Day and buy chocolates and flowers for your lover. But, why do the same thing you've always done? Embrace your Minnesota heritage and try something a little different this year!

Make hot dish--I mean, yes, you could spend a lot of money going out to dinner...or, you could make a pan of your best hot dish and make it with love! Your Minnesota Valentine will love it so much.

Go skating--Minnesotans LOVE skating! You can impress your sweetie with your awesome skills on the ice, and then romantically hold hands and glide around the rink! This is SO romantic!

Ice fishing date--There's nothing more cozy than sitting together all cuddled up in a fish house waiting to nab that perfect catch with your perfect catch!

Buy some new outerwear--Forget the flowers on Valentines Day--they'll just die in a week anyway. Instead, give your partner the gift of warmth. Every Minnesotan would appreciate some new gloves, or new boots!

Go to a Wild game--Yep, the Minnesota Wild take on the Anaheim Ducks at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul on Valentine's Day! Your Minnesota bond will grow even stronger cheering for your favorite team together!

Go to MOA--The Mall of America can be a super busy place, but that's because it's fun! Take your Valentine on a few rides at the amusement park!

Casino date--There's a casino everywhere you turn in Minnesota. Hit up the lobster buffet and try you hand at the slot machines. If you lose all of your money, at least you still have your sweetie!


Ice Castles--If you're looking for a romantic view to pop the question, I'd suggest taking your love to the Ice Castles in Stillwater. This is a seriously magical place. The view will have you both falling in love all over again!

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