The city of St. Cloud is working on parking ramp maintenance this summer. St. Cloud Assistant Public Works Director Dan Legatt says St. Cloud has 5 downtown parking lots and most need some maintenance with the majority of the work needing to be done on the Paramount parking ramp.

Legatt says the city is working with their structural engineers and putting together their bids.  He says they are hoping within the next 30 days they will have the bids out and returned so they can start construction.

Legatt says they have some water infiltration in the masonry units and interior walls in the Paramount ramp.  He says they are investigating this and will make the repairs as needed.  Legatt says a lot of the water issues are in the stairwells. He says when the water gets into the masonry units it can cause efflorescence which causing the delamination of the concrete.

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The money for these maintenance projects comes from the money collected by the city for on street downtown parking and the downtown parking ramps.  Legatt says it is important that residents know that the money collected is invested back into the parking system.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with St. Cloud Assistant Public Works Director Dan Legatt it is available below.



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