I'm impressed will all of the individuals who poured their heart and soul into creating a new flag for our state. I'm also impressed that the state reached out to Minnesotans to create the design, instead of just making one for us, without giving us an option to participate. So many artistic people put in their submissions; some were crazy, some were maybe a little 'out there,' and some were pretty incredible.

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Let's face it. We are all talking about the new flag and seal designs. Whether we like the new designs or not, we will most likely have new images for 2024. Now that the new designs have finally been chosen, the new flag will have its first flight on May 11th, 2024, if not sooner. The legislature can change that if they wish.

I have a lot of questions regarding the flag and the seal designs. Will a Minnesota company be chosen to make the flags? Will all of our county buildings receive their first flag at no charge or will they be required to purchase one?

Minnesota State Capitol at Night
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My biggest question is this. The Minnesota Capitol is a beautiful building. In the Rotunda, it features an inlay of a star on the floor. I believe it pretty much looks like the star that will be featured on our new flag, so the floor doesn't have to be updated.

Matthew Johnson via Flickr/ CC BY 2.0 Deed
Matthew Johnson via Flickr/ CC BY 2.0 Deed

However; there is a floor that features the old seal. The Minnesota State Seal is on the floor of room 15 at the state capitol, which is aligned with the dome of the Capitol but is one level down.

Will we be replacing this floor with our new Seal design, or will they leave it the way it is? A piece of our history perhaps? Many people will probably be offended if it isn't changed. If they do decide to change it, will they simply cover it up with a rug? Or will they have to do some reconstruction of the Capitol?

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