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Bri's Lodge was created to help individuals of all ages cope with loss, support them through their healing journey, and recognize the hope that is there for the future.

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We are excited to announce that Bri's Lodge has now moved to Waite Park. The new location provides a whopping 2600 square feet of space in comparison to only 900 square feet in their previous location.

This new expansion will allow them to grow and help even more people in central Minnesota and those outside the area who are looking for support.

The new location is:

Bri's Lodge
406 Great Oak Drive
Waite Park, MN 56387

You are encouraged to call the lodge before visiting, as they are in great need of volunteers, and operating with only a few people at the front desk at times.


This time of year, I often think about the wonderful things my Mother did for me through the holidays, and the special meals, gifts, and holiday experiences she created with my father for not only myself and my brother, but their Grandchildren and even Great Grandchildren.  Those memories are wonderful, but sometimes longing to see her again becomes overwhelming. We've all got our experience with loss, and around the holidays it can be even more difficult to get through.

Bri's Lodge has been growing over the past few years, and so many people are reaching out for that grief relief, that Bri's Lodge needed to find a larger space to serve central Minnesota.

You can listen to my interview with Tami Kruzel by clicking on the player below.


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