A viral TikTok video about Midwest terms is Minnesota to a tee.

It's commonly recognized that Minnesotans speak their own language. Some strange iteration of Norwegian, German and Midwest American, we have our own words and terms uniquely our own. "Putz," for example, can be a noun referring to any stupid or worthless person or a verb meaning "to engage in inconsequential or unproductive activity." "Oh fer cute" is a uniquely Minnesotan exclamation that basically translates to "well isn't that adorable!" Perhaps one of our best-known phrases is the positive affirmation "You betcha!"

As much as we like to claim some terms, phrases and slang as our own, some "Minnesota-isms" aren't unique to Minnesota alone but shared amongst the Midwest. A recent TikTok video-gone-wildly-viral covers some of those. Shared by TikTok user Sir Yacht, the caption reads simply "What Midwest sayings mean."

"'No yeah' means 'yes,'" he explains. "'Yeah no' means 'no.'" "Yeah no for sure," meanwhile, means "Definitely" while "Yeah no yeah" means "I'm sorry, but unfortunately the answer is yes."

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He goes on to explain that "pop" is just pop -- not soda, coke or sod-y pop. The question "Wanna drive around" means there's literally nothing to do. Corn isn't a vegetable or something to eat but a milemarker on the highway. "Jeet," meanwhile, is a question -- "Didja eat" or "Did you eat?"

The video has been viewed over 3.9 million times on TikTok, resonating with many.

"Literally never realized how confusing we must sound," commented one viewer.

"Wait...I thought everyone talked like this," commented another.

"You forgot 'er no' at the end of a sentence," added one person. "Like 'Are we going to Piggly wiggly er no?' Or 'Did you want to stop at Kwik Trip er no?'"

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