TikTok user Gara Lonning recently posted a video to the short video form platform poking fun at Midwestern moms on vacation. Pretending to be a Midwest mom at the beach with her kids, she uses common stereotypical quips -- including some pretty ridiculous claims -- that every Minnesotan has heard in some form and fashion.

"It's sunnier," she says in her best nasally, Midwest-mom voice while squirting copious amounts of sunscreen into her hand, "it's sunnier than I thought it'd be."

"My cousin Bethany, she shared this thing on Facebook, it said that underneath the sand -- hundreds of razor blades," she says, pretending to be a gullible social media-believing mom. "BE CAREFUL! Razor blades in the sand! I saw it on Facebook!"

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"Definitely not the Mississip!" she says, standing out looking at the ocean and abbreviating Mississippi River. "Definitely not the Mississip. Pretty close though!"

"That's quite enough for today," she says, pretending to coral up the family. "I think we're good. Let's go inside."

The video has been viewed over 241,000 times in 2 days and generated countless comments from appreciative fans.

"Why does every Midwest mom have a cousin Bethany?" asked one.

"Why doe all Midwestern moms walk the same?" asked another.

"Don't call my mom out like this," joked a third.

"How did you get this video of my mom?" joked another.

All jokes aside, we appreciate your (sometimes overbearing) care and concern, Midwestern moms!

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