The Minnesota State Fair, otherwise known as the "Great Minnesota Get-together" was somewhat back to "normal" last year.  Attendance was still down not just because we were still in the pandemic, but also because of the severe storms that happened the first few days of the fair.  People don't want to go to the fair when it's a stormy day.

There was only one vendor that made over a million dollars in sales for the 12 days of the fair.  Although that does sound like a lot, it was still down about 30 percent for the week in normal circumstances.  That vendor (not surprisingly) was Sweet Martha's Cookies.

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I did go to the fair last year, and normally there is a giant line for the cookies.  I only had to wait for one or two people that were ahead of me.  That's crazy for that particular vendor.  I thought maybe I just happened to hit it at the right time, but no, sales were down.  The only vendors that seemed to have a crazy long line were the beer vendors.  Hello Minnesota!  Apparently we like beer.  Surprise.

According to Bring Me the News, the other top vendors at the fair last year were:

Mouth Trap Cheese Curds (the one in the food building)

Fresh French Fries (the one where you don't really know what to do with the ketchup and walk at the same time)

Corn Roast (corn on the cob near the grandstand)

Midwest Dairy Association

Preferred Pickles (fried pickles)

The Blue Barn

Carousel BBQ (turkey legs and pork chops)

Giggles Campfire Grill

Miller's Cheese Curds (not in the food building- they have several flavors of curds)

If you are interested- the Five Day Tasting Event for this year  It includes about 30 vendors and will happen May 26th through the 30th.  This is Memorial weekend. If you would like more info, and how to get "lottery" style tickets here is the link for that info  

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