Thursday all football fans learned which of their favorite players made the NFL Pro Bowl Games in 2023 and who didn't. Minnesota Vikings have five players who were honored to be fan voted in this year. Congrats to:

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  1. Quarterback Kirk Cousins
  2. Outside Linebacker Za'Darius Smith
  3. Tight End T.J. Hockenson
  4. Long Snapper Andrew DePaola
  5. Wide Receiver Justin Jefferson

Each of the players have had the honor before, except Andrew DePaola, this is his first appearance. Out of the five, one of them also received an extra honor. Not surprising Justin Jefferson was voted in by fans for the Pro Bowl Games, but what he was surprised with, was the trophy for getting the most fan votes in the NFC. How awesome is that?

Shouldn't be much of a surprise either, considering he is the one of, if not the best wide receiver in the league right now and he proves it time and time again. I mean remember this?

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When I saw the post on Minnesota Vikings official Facebook page, I literally did a double take wondering what he was holding. After reading that he had received the most votes in the NFC, I was filled with pride, because he really truly does deserve any and every honor that comes his way. Personally, I just thought the trophy could have been a little bit better. Actually a LOT better.

It looks a bit like what a kid might make, which if a kid did make it, then it's fantastic! Or kind of looks like a trophy your buddy might put together for the fantasy football champion that year. It does not look like a professional award, given by the National Football League.

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Yes I know the Pro Bowl and now the "Pro Bowl Games" (long story I'm not getting into with flag football and what not), has been a bit of a joke for a while, according to fans. It's more or less to honor the best of the best in the league. But just because we find the Pro Bowl to be a bit of a joke, doesn't mean the trophy needs to be. But maybe that's just me being critical. You can decide for yourself what you think.

No matter what though, proud of his honor and I am sure he will treasure that award forever, as he should. We love you J.J. ~All Vikings Fans

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